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Air Velociity Verification


Traditionally commissioning is limited to the physical verification of mechanical systems for compliance to design and functional performance.

Our Value Integrated Commissioning extends that traditional concept to the project from conceptual feasibility to turnover.

Value Integrated Commissioning integrates the skills sets of all our groups:

  • To ensure inclusion of key stakeholders at the conceptual level of the project
  • To leverage best practices as well as consideration of internal standards and practicesBuilding Controls Verifcation
  • To use use risk profiling to balance “must have” verses “like to have” components
  • To verify specifications and contracts meet the intent and requirements of the business
  • To examine the whole life cost of design and specification for long term expense management
  • To evaluate the future growth potential built into the project scope will meet the projected business need
  • To document scope limitations or advantages for realistic expectations of stakeholders

Thermography            Sound Levels

In addition, through our cooperative partnership with Facilities Commissioning & Technical Services we offer traditional physical verification of system compliance to complete the full service commissioning circle.

We also provide internal services including Infrared Training Center Level II Certified Thermography, sound level analysis and light level testing throughout the commissioning integrated into our service circle.

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